The Electric City can be expensive if you still rely on electric heat to warm your home. But, no matter what type of fuel or furnace you use, you can save hundreds of dollars annually and create a more comfortable environment by upgrading your insulation.  EnergySmart offers affordable and professionally installed spray foam insulation in Scranton, PA, and the surrounding areas. We also provide a suite of insulation products to residents and businesses across the Scranton region and Lackawanna County, including: By upgrading your insulation in Scranton, you can improve the value of your home, enjoy a more temperate climate, and even avoid allergies during the spring! In addition, we offer soundproofing for residential homes and commercial businesses, including studios, schools, retail stores, and more.  Also, be sure to ask about our concrete lifting services, which can repair aging concrete sidewalks in Scranton for a fraction of the cost of installing a new slab.  

Spray Foam Insulation and Insulation Services in Scranton, PA

Many homes in Scranton, especially in the Hill Section and Green Ridge, tend to be very old and have little-to-no insulation. EnergySmart offers various insulation products designed for existing homes and new builds. Renovations and new builds will benefit the most from spray foam insulation, which boasts a high r-value, is easy to work with, seals all cracks and gaps, and even blocks out moisture. In addition, insulating your home with spray foam can even present allergies inside during the spring and fall. We also offer blown-in cellulose, fiberglass, and injection foam for existing walls that require minimally invasive installation. Cap off any insulation project with a fresh air seal to prevent air from escaping your home through your attic.

Insulating Removal and Replacement in Scranton, PA

Do you have old fiberglass batts hanging in your attic covered in mold? What about old cellulose that’s not doing its job anymore? EnergySmart can safely remove any old insulation and install new ones during the same job. Not only is removing insulation dirty and gross, but it’s also potentially toxic if you don’t take proper precautions.

Superior Soundproofing in Scranton, PA

Looking for residential soundproofing or commercial services for an existing building? Let the experts at EnergySmart handle any project. We have decades of experience working with soundproofing and insulating products so that we can safely and unobtrusively install soundproofing material behind any existing wall.

The result is a quieter and more comfortable home or business that you or your customers will notice.

Affordable Concrete Lifting in Scranton, PA

Unfortunately, sidewalk repairs are not covered by the city, your home warranty, or your home insurance. Let EnergySmart fix any sagging or uneven concrete with our unique polyurethane mixture.

Thanks to this innovative product, we can even concrete surfaces in as little as an hour without replacing the entire slab. You’ll save hundreds of dollars and be able to restore your sidewalk or driveway to new on the same day.

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EnergySmart Areas Served

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