Enjoy warmer and more comfortable winters in the Back Mountain with brand-new insulation and air sealing. EnergySmart offers affordable spray foam insulation in Dallas, as well as insulation removal and replacement for older homes across the Back Mountain. 

EnergySmart serves all towns in the Back Mountain and offers a suite of insulation services for residents and businesses, including:

We also offer soundproofing for a more comfortable, quiet home and affordable concrete lifting services that repair sidewalks and driveways for minimal cost. 

Spray Foam Insulation in Dallas, PA

Whether you visit Harveys Lake in the summer or live there year-round, the seasons can be extreme. Enjoy a more temperate and comfortable home year-round across the Back Mountain with brand-new spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is a superior insulating product perfect for new builds and existing homes. Spray foam insulation not only prevents heat transfer but also blocks out allergens and moisture—seasonal allergy sufferers rejoice! In addition, spray foam insulation is a natural sound dampener and is elastic enough to fill any cracks or holes in your home, including around pipes. Contact our professional contractors at EnergySmart, ready to service any home in Dallas or the Back Mountain with affordable and effective spray foam insulation.

Insulating Removal and Replacement in the Back Mountain

Do you have aging insulation that is ineffective and even moldy? Let the professionals at EnergySmart remove all of your old insulation material. Not only is fiberglass vulnerable to mold and moisture, but these materials can be toxic to breathe in without proper precautions. We offer several products to reinsulate your home–even if you don’t want to knock down the wall–including recycled blown-in cellulose, injection foam material, and blown-in fiberglass, which can be installed without invasive procedures.

Superior Soundproofing and Air Sealing in the Back Mountain

Comfort is what we provide, and there is nothing more comfortable than creating privacy in your own home. EnergySmart’s soundproofing services are innovative and affordable, allowing you to soundproof any room in your home to reduce acoustics and sound waves from penetrating from the outside. We also offer air sealing services that help seal your home entirely so air does not escape during the winter.

Affordable Concrete Lifting in the Back Mountain

Angi’s List estimates a sidewalk repair at anywhere between $700 to $2800, depending on the job size. However, EnergySmart’s concrete lifting services cost a fraction of that and require less labor. Using a special polyurethane mixture, we can balance any concrete slab that has sagged or split without replacing the slab. The mixture lasts a long time, fending off moisture and keeping your concrete balanced without requiring additional repair.
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EnergySmart Areas Served

Contact us for an onsite estimate for any insulation, soundproofing, or concrete lifting services in the Back Mountain. 

  • Dallas Borough
  • Harveys Lake
  • Franklin Township
  • Jackson Township
  • Kingston Township
  • Lake Lehman
  • Dallas Township