When many of us think of home maintenance, we tend to overlook things like our sidewalks and driveway. The last thing anyone wants to do is replace concrete; concrete is supposed to last forever, right

Fortunately, there is a quick and affordable way to level concrete and get it back to new without replacing the entire slab. Thanks to our special polyurethane mixture, our concrete lifting services can level your concrete and fix any tripping hazards in half the time and cost it would take to replace the entire slab. 

Whether it’s covering up eye soars, tripping hazards, or potential water damage from uneven concrete, our concrete lifting service can help you. Our concrete leveling services are available in several applications, including:

Say goodbye to construction downtime or placing orange cones over cracked concrete sidewalks; our concrete lifting service can fix your concrete in no time!

Benefits of Concrete Lifting

How Does Concrete Lifting Work?

Also known as foam lifting, concrete leveling, and slab jacking, concrete lifting is the act of drilling a ⅝’ hole through your concrete and injecting a polyurethane mixture under concrete to raise it back to level. Our lifting process fills a void under a concrete slab with a polyurethane mixture to support the object’s weight or concrete slab. Once stabilized, the polyurethane mixture will support the concrete indefinitely.

Our concrete lifting services take half the time it would take to replace the slab–most projects are completed the same day–and for half the price. The mixture cures in minutes, adheres to the concrete surface, and resists cracking and fissures. This is not just a band-aid fix; this is a revolutionary way of repairing your concrete. 

Is Concrete Lifting Worth It?

Many customers ask us whether concrete lifting is worth it or if they should just buy a new slab. We like to tell them that concrete lifting often lasts longer than the concrete itself, and it’s incredibly sturdy. Plus, the airtight barrier underneath the concrete also prevents water moisture from leaking and damaging your foundation.

Concrete lifting can be applied and cured in minutes, eliminating any downtime that might occur on construction sites. It’s the perfect residential and commercial solution for any uneven concrete surfaces, and it’s super affordable!