Wedged in between multiple mountains, including Nescopeck Mountain, Mountain Top is a gorgeous area located in the lush forests of Luzerne County. Despite all that shade, the seasons can be fairly difficult in Mountain Top, especially if your home is not properly insulated. 

Insulating your home will keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and allergy-free during the spring. 

EnergySmart offers affordable and professional spray foam insulation services to residents and businesses in Mountain Top, as well as an array of additional insulation products, including:

We also offer soundproofing to reduce acoustic noise that improves the comfort of your home or business. Lastly, we offer affordable concrete lifting services that repair sidewalks damaged by falling trees and branches for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire slab.

Spray Foam Insulation in Mountain Top, PA

A more temperate home is a more comfortable home. That’s why we offer affordable spray foam insulation to homes and businesses in Mountain Top and the surrounding areas. Spray foam insulation is a superior insulation product that prevents heat escape, resists moisture, blocks allergens, and even reduces sound. Spray foam is also an excellent product for sealing gaps in homes to prevent additional heat loss and transfer. EnergySmart’s team of experts will work to create a plan to maximize the R-value of your home using the flexibility of spray foam insulation. While most projects are done for new builds and renovations, we also work with existing homes with existing walls to install spray foam insulation.

Insulating Removal and Replacement in Mountain Top

Removing or upgrading your old insulation is not only a hassle but can also be very dangerous. Let the experts at EnergySmart handle your insulation removal needs. We can properly remove and dispose of any old insulation and install new insulation quickly in place of the old one. We offer several helpful products, including injection foam and blown-in cellulose, which are perfect for working behind existing drywall. We also offer fiberglass batts and blown-in fiberglass, which provide affordable alternatives, as well as air sealing that prevents any air from escaping your home.

Commercial & Residential Soundproofing in Mountain Top

Maximize the comfort of your home or business by soundproofing each room with our affordable soundproofing services in Mountain Top. Our acoustic insulation is available for residential and commercial businesses, including studios, schools, retail stores, and more. With acoustic soundproofing, you can improve the quality of your business by giving customers a relaxing place to dwell and work.

Affordable Concrete Lifting in Mountain Top

Are you suffering from uneven concrete on your sidewalk or driveway? Thanks to EnergySmart’s concrete leveling services, we can even out any concrete surface without replacing the slab. It works by inserting a polyurethane mixture which expands to the right point to create an even surface. This eliminates the need to replace the slab and lasts for a long time, resisting moisture and other elements that result in deterioration.
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EnergySmart Areas Served

Contact us for an onsite estimate for any insulation, soundproofing, or concrete lifting services in Mountain Top. 

  • Dorrance Township
  • Fairview Township
  • Rice Township
  • Wright Township