Fiberglass Batt Insulation is the most common residential insulating material, and is usually applied as batts of insulation, pressed between studs.
Fiberglass Batt are the most economical form of insulation. They are premade to a certain thickness and height, depending on the framing and room size. Fiberglass insulation’s main component is fine glass fibers, derived from natural ingredients such as sand and recycled glass products like windows and beverage bottles. Fiberglass is the most widely used home insulator, and is also used to reduce noise transfer between rooms in your home.
Fiberglass insulation comes in a variety of R-values, and is manufactured in batts and rolls.
Installing fiberglass in batt form is the application most homeowners think of when they think of insulation. The product is delivered in rolls or sections that have been cut from a roll. Kraft faced insulation is made with a paper facing on it that acts as a vapor barrier. Unfaced insulation can also be used on exterior walls when a vapor barrier is added on the heated side of the wall.