For most of us, noise pollution from family members, passing cars, and our neighborhood can creep into our homes, making relaxation difficult. And as more people start to work from home, soundproofing is becoming necessary to create an authentic and private home office.

Acoustic insulation not only protects against outside noise but also sounds that transfer from room to room within your home. As a result, you can enjoy quieter homes that lead to better sleep, less stress, and greater privacy.

EnergySmart offers soundproofing material for any type of building construction, including apartments, condos, modular homes, older homes, and even new structures. We offer several products for Commercial and Residential room soundproofing that are best suited for each home’s unique circumstance.

Commercial and Residential Sound Proofing Applications

EnergySmart’s soundproofing materials are especially suited to every job to provide the best acoustic soundproofing possible. We use a variety of materials, including polyurethane foam, epoxy, silicone, felt, polyester fiber, and much more, to provide the best soundproof barrier between walls, floors, and ceilings.

Our soundproofing projects are designed to reduce deflection, increase absorption, and decouple sound between contacting surfaces. Pair our soundproofing services with new insulation, such as spray foam insulation, which naturally creates a sound barrier and air seal that will prevent drafts and noise from pouring through your walls.

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