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Don’t Replace Your Concrete Sidewalk! Level It Instead.

Our concrete leveling services will quickly and affordably get your sidewalk or driveway looking like new again without replacing the slab.

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NEPA Concrete Lifting Services

As Pennsylvania residents, we’re well aware of how brittle modern concrete can be as most of us have popped a tire or two on the potholes. While the concrete slab on your sidewalk is designed to last a lifetime, it will crack and settle eventually.

Affordable & Effecient

When cracking and settling does happen, you can rest assured that affordable and quick repair is just a phone call away. Thanks to the special polyurethane mixture that we inject underneath the slab, one of our trained technicians can level your slab and repair any voids or cracks to make it look new again.

We Serve All Types of Customers

Our concrete leveling services are available for residential homes, businesses, and municipalities/D.O.T. services.
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Completed in Hours, Not Days

Replacing a concrete slab can take days and cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Our concrete lifting services can be completed in a few short hours for a fraction of the price. Plus, polyurethane can last for decades, ensuring that your concrete lifting is a one-time service and you won’t need to repair the slab again in a few years.

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